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About SOTA 11 meters

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SOTA On 11 Meters

About SOTA, we use "SOTA Watch" Database because it is the best one the most up to date.

A SOTA callsign is composed like this : "14FDX/FPE001" (Division Group / Sotawatch Reference)


If we use "F/PE" (example: 14FDX/FPE127) and not "14FDX/PE127" (F= 14 division) it's simply because when we started to active from Andorra and Spain this divisions were not in the SOTA database and to show the difference between "PO in France" and "PO in Spain" or "PE in France" and "PE in Andorra" we hadn't any other possibilities...
Example: 51DA/APE001... Andorra is still not in SOTA database and have fantastic peaks...


About SOTA radio material when we started our activities we used to take an electrical generator (23 Kg!!) a transceiver with at less 100W... But it was very hard and my legs have a bad memory lol ! It's not in the SOTA spirit, the majority of the Amators doing SOTA use QRP power and CW...

SOTA is a difficult activity and have all the chance to reach the summit you have to find the lightest weight/power compromise...

Today we are really prepared for each type of summits, we do and it depends on the activating Team and on the difficulties sure...

We use this kind of material:

Article (in French) Click here

Listing of our X Team material (in French also) Click here

I bought a FT-817ND with a small amplifier (we have about 50W peak (driving 5w peak) to call 555 then when we QSY we use the original power 5W if we need we put the amplifier ON for a few seconds (QSB), if propagation is ok we do plenty of QSO and that's wonderful. it's much more interesting to use QRP mode because of the transported weight...

If you want to have a look at our last video from Paloumere summit (14DA/FPE148 click here) you will see than we were able to contact Roger from Brazil with only 5w peak and to make some interesting QSO in QRP !!

Anyway we did at less 23 SOTA activities (not each time in a different summit but in total) at the moment and we realised that with the altitude we needn't a lot of power, just to be heard on the calling frequencies when it's crowded.

The challenge consists to install a radio station at the summit and sometime it's very difficult like our last
14FDX/FPE069 Crabere summit (link) ... It was too hot and we came back home completely exhausted...  So you have to be very light...

"LIFePO4" batteries are excellent a little bit more heavy than
"LIPO" (link).

I used both I have a "LIFePO4" 40 Amps and a new "LIPO" 20 Amps (very light) but this batteries are expensive the minimum is 20A you can find a VRLA battery  (link) (a good solution less expensive) and you will not have problems with the acid like you can have with a conventional car battery... They also are heavier in comparison of a lipo...

20Ah LIPO battery = +/- 2.4Kg = +/- 200 Euros (about 4.5 hours with the maximum power (+/-65W peak) of my IC-7000)

20Ah Gel battery = +/- 6Kg = +/- 60 Euros (less autonomy because of the voltage)

20Ah LIFePO4 = +/- 3.8 Kg = +/- 200 Euros

LIFePO4 and LIPO batteries are very interesting because you will be able to use their entire capacities.

This kind of batteries deliver the good voltage (+/-12V) until the end of their capacity in Amps (it's not easy to explain in English sorry I hope you understand what I mean)....

Graphic 20Ah LIPO:

If you want to buy a new transceiver just think two times, the FT817 is a good solution (weight)... A mono-element quad antenna is nice, I'm preparing a the moment a new omnidirectional "J antenna" or a GP homemade antenna always to be lighter and to be able to climb higher... ;-)))

I hope that you have all the infos you need to start...

When all will be fixed just send an email to: (Szabi, Rudy, Chris and myself use this common email to manage this activity) and we will be pleased to add your future SOTA activities on the base.

Have fun in your nexts SOTA !

14FDX058 John from Toulouse -  Pyrenees - South France.

Xtreme-Team Member

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